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Bombay Biryani Recipe

Rice Dish

Spicy, hot and flavorsome rice layered with lamb or chicken with potatoes. Bombay Biryani is a classic South East Asian meat and condiment pilau (rice) dish.

Serves: 6-7 People

Ready in: 35 Minutes

Skill level: Advanced



'Bombay style rice with Meat and Potatoes'


  • Meat (beef/mutton/chicken)   500g-750g
  • Rice (Soaked for 10 minutes)   500g-750g
  • Oil/ghee   ½ cup (140ml)
  • Onions (Finely chopped)   4 (Medium sized)
  • Potatoes (peeled and halved)   3 (Medium sized)
  • Tomatoes (Finely Chopped)   6-7 (Medium sized)
  • Yogurt   ½ cup (125g)
  • Garlic (Paste)   1tbsp
  • Ginger (Finely chopped)   1tbsp
  • Green chillies (Slit in two)   6-8
  • Salt   2 tbsp
  • Yellow Food Colour   1pinch (Mixed in 4 tbsp water)
  • Regal’s Bombay Biryani Masala mix   70g (1 packet)

Cooking method

1. Fry onions in oil/ghee until golden brown. Add meat, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, yoghurt and Regal’s Bombay Biryani Mix and fry for 10-15 minutes. Add the potatoes when meat is half tender.

2. Add 1 cup of water and cook on low heat until meat is tender (water is not needed for chicken). When oil/ghee separates from gravy, add green chillies and cook for another 2 minutes then turn the heat off.

3. In another pan, boil rice in 6-8 cups of water with 2 tbsp of salt. Drain water when rice is half done.

4. Set rice and meat curry in alternate layers in a big cooking pan. Sprinkle yellow food colour on rice. Cover and cook on low heat for 10-15 minutes.

5. You can also garnish your Bombay Biryani with sliced boiled eggs.


Delicious Bombay Biryani is ready. Serve with raita and salad.

Cooking Ingredients and Accompaniments