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Regal Bakery
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Our Values

Our Values & Goals

Success in the long term depends not just on our financial results but also how we behave.

Our commitment to deliver what we promise over time is underpinned by a set of principles that help define how and where we do business, the people we recruit, and the products we sell.

Because we are here for the long-term, we will not pursue short-term gain at the expense of long-term value, or chase market share at any price. People’s choices remain their choices we want to give them another option.

Our focus on acting responsibly and with integrity is not new. It is a philosophy that we have striven to incorporate within the way we work throughout our history.

We consider responsible behaviour as essential in maintaining successful relationships with, among others, our customers, our people and the communities around our business.

Understanding our customers' needs today can also help us innovate for the future, To continue our success and further growth, we will research the markets which will identify new opportunities, and we shall develop new products accordingly for all our authentic ranges.

We will continue to build upon the foundation of 30 years experience in the Bakery and Confectionary sector.

New lines will be thoroughly tested to ensure their popularity and marketability, enabling us to meet the demands of all our markets, whether South East Asian, U.K and European or North America.

We will augment our position in the market place, and benefit from the change in eating habits of the general public, and their desire to sample the delights of varying worldwide cultures……

Our goal is not to be the biggest, but the best!