Gift Box with Second to Naan


A curated selection of Regal's finest condiments with our 'mum, you are second to naan' A5 card.

A great treat for the sweet tooth Mother's.

Gift Box Includes:

- 1x Cake Rusk Original 28pc (RRP: £3.35)

- 1x Baqar Khani (RRP: £2.50)

- 1x Kebab House Chilli Sauce (RRP: £1.20)

- 1x Triple Pack Madeira (RRP: £1.99)

- 1x Crunchy Tea Rusk (RRP: £1.20)

- 1x Fairy Cakes (RRP: £1)

- 1x Cream Rolls (RRP: £1.39)

- 1x Puff Pastry Fingers (RRP: £1)

- 1x A5 'Thanks for Keeping Me In Line' Mothers Day Card (RRP: £2.95)


Only £10.99 (Saving £5.50)