10 Cooking Ideas For Leftover Meat

If you’re looking for a quick and easy midweek meal or snack, then using leftovers from the day before is a great way to do this! When it comes to leftover meat ideas, there are plenty of different options, from fajitas and curries to burgers and stir-fries, that can be tailored to your tastes and make the most of any leftovers in a whole new way. Here are 10 leftover meat ideas you can use next time you’re stuck on what to make. 


Tasty Leftover Meat Ideas



A warming beef or chicken casserole is a delicious way to use up your leftover meat. Traditionally, a casserole will need a few hours for the flavours to develop, but as your beef or chicken is already cooked, it can be done a lot quicker. If you make your casserole base with beef or chicken stock you won’t lose out on many flavours and for extra added flavour, why not add one of our sauces?


When it comes to leftover meat ideas, curries are amongst the most popular things to make. A rich, spicy sauce will bring plenty of flavour to your leftover meat. Beef or chicken is often used in tomato-based curries, such as Tikka, but you can combine it with a Tandoori sauce if you would like. Just warm the meat through with your curry sauce and serve with a choice of breads.



When it comes to leftover meats, especially chicken, a lot of people will use these leftovers for sandwiches the next day. However, these can often be dry and uninspiring. Thin strips of cooked meat makes for a nice sandwich filler and there are many ways you can put your own spin on this leftover meat idea. You can serve it warm or hot with a variety of different flavours – Kebab House Chilli Sauce and Smokey BBQ sauce are favourites of ours – on lovely, soft breads. 



Beef burgers are traditionally made with minced beef, but you can cheat a little and replace the patties with a chunk of cooked beef. Serve with regular burger fillings and sides and your cooked meat is transformed into a fun meal, especially when our Burger Sauce is involved!



Strips of beef, chicken or even lamb are perfect for tossing in a pan with a dash of Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, noodles or rice and heaps of stir-fry veg. Using leftover beef in this way is a speedy option as stir-fries often take only 5-10 minutes to cook – perfect for a midweek meal! 



Slices of warm or cold cooked meat leftovers will give your salad a nice twist. A tangy mustard dressing, some tomatoes, and a sprinkle of Himalayan Pink Salt will give the meat plenty of flavour and create a delicious lunch made from leftovers.

Meat Kebabs

If you’re looking for ideas for leftover meat that can be prepared in just a few minutes, then chunks of cooked meat can be teamed with onions, tomatoes, peppers – pretty much any veg you have in – and grilled on a kebab. Marinade the meat in Lemon & Herb or Per-Peri for a twist! You can also make kebabs with the cold leftover meat, just make sure the veg used can be eaten raw.



Mexican food is a fun and easy way to use your leftover beef and can be made in no time at all. When cut into strips, cooked beef can be flavoured with spices, lightly fried, and wrapped up to make fajitas or burritos. Having strips of beef in the fridge or freezer will mean this type of food can be made in no time at all. 



Beef and pasta? Or even lamb and pasta? It’s not as common a combination as chicken and pasta, but it can work quite nicely and when you’re looking for leftover meat ideas, it is nice to make a change every now and then. Minced beef or lamb is often used in pasta recipes, but you can finely chop your beef to get the same consistency. You need to make sure your sauce has a strong enough flavour, so the beef doesn’t overpower it – a nice Chilli Sauce is a good option to go for.


Meat Pie

Beef has got to be one of the tastiest pie fillings and it is such an easy way to use up your leftovers. Grab some ready-made pastry, warm your leftover beef with a little stock-based sauce, combine and bake!