5 Fun Back To School Lunch Box Ideas

It’s time to go back to school! For many parents, the thought of making packed lunches 5 days in a row is one that fills them with dread. Coming up with new and interesting lunch choices to keep your little ones interested in their lunch is easier said than done and, soon enough, many parents go back to choosing the same lunches again. 


We’ve put together some fun back to school lunch box ideas that are super easy to put together, will have your little ones looking forward to lunchtime and are really tasty! With that in mind, here are 5 fun back to school lunch box ideas that are far more exciting than your typical cheese sandwich. 

Back To School Lunch Box Inspiration 

Sandwich Free Lunches 

Whilst sandwiches are great every once in a while, they soon lose their appeal. This means that soon enough, kids will begin picking at their lunch and this leaves them hungry. Coming up with the occasional sandwich free lunch keeps things interesting and allows your little ones to try different foods. 


For interesting back to school lunch box ideas, tasty kebabs (using non-sharp sticks), using peppers, tomatoes, chicken or tofu combine different textures and flavours. Cheesy quesadillas are a great choice, especially when packed with avocado and tortilla chips, or even Regal popcorn as a tasty side snack!


Colourful Egg Muffins

If you’re looking for easy and non-time-consuming options for back to school lunch box ideas, egg muffins are a great idea for packed lunches as they can feel like a treat for children. They are super easy to make and are a healthy alternative to many other lunch choices. Simply whisk together 2 eggs with salt and pepper and add in your child’s choice of toppings. 


Things such as ham, tomatoes, peppers, feta or even just cheese are great toppings to use. Then, pour into cupcake cases and bake until cooked. You can serve with vegetable crudites, hummus, our Regal garlic mayo or Regal BBQ sauce as a tasty dip. 


Sweet Treats

Whilst you should avoid overloading your kid’s lunchboxes with sweet treats every day, a little snack every now and then won’t hurt! Kids love sweet treats and here at Regal Foods, we have plenty of lunch box sized snacks if you’re looking for back to school lunch box ideas. Take a look at our Online Cake Shop for fairy cakes, snack cakes, flapjacks and delicious cake slices for snack time treats! 

Keep Hydrated

It’s important to keep your children hydrated whilst at school, but many children will tend to avoid drinking bottles of water. It’s important to give your children drinks that they will not only drink, but that is good for them too. Sugar-free cordial is a popular choice and can be diluted as much as you’d like. But, for lunch boxes, our juice packs are ideal for tucking into school bags and, even better, they come in 5 juicy and fruity flavours and keep your children well hydrated. 


Introduce New Foods 

If you want to encourage your child to try new foods, then adding small bits into their lunchboxes is a great way to make back to school lunch boxes more fun and interesting! If your little one doesn’t tend to eat fruit that you pack for them, why not introduce them to dried fruits, roasted corn, crackers or dates! Take a look at our snack section for more ideas!