5 Rainy-Weather Indoor Picnic Ideas That Kids Will Love

Indoor picnics are a lot of fun and often, thanks to the weather, are a necessity! Picnics have many associations with summer and visits to the park or beach and, whilst this is always a fun and exciting activity, it’s sadly not always possible. 


Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate, or maybe your children really want a weekend picnic when you don’t have much time to plan, the solution to this is having an indoor picnic! It can transform a dull weekday dinner into something fun and memorable or can be a great way to use up fridge leftovers, plus there are no bugs! With that in mind, here are 5 indoor picnic ideas for those rainy days. 


Kid-Friendly Mocktails

Usually, indoor picnic ideas focus on the food elements, but drinks are just as important! Transform the usual juice boxes and instead make some family-friendly mocktails for little ones to enjoy. Using a jug, fill ¼ of the way with ice and add fresh basil, mint and slices of lime and lemon. Fill halfway with your favourite Regal juice and top with lemonade for a fizzy, fruity mocktail! Serve in paper cups or plastic cocktail glasses and add straws and fun umbrellas! 


Movie Snack Bowls

If the weather is particularly grim on the weekend, transform a movie marathon with this indoor picnic idea! Lay out a blanket on the floor in front of the TV and fill bowls with a selection of sweets, popcorns and crisps. These little bowls of goodies will keep kids entertained throughout the movie and they’ll have lots of fun picking and swapping snacks between the different bowls. 


Breakfast Boards

As a treat one morning, why not arrange breakfast boards for your little ones? This indoor picnic idea is a great way to get them to eat breakfast and introduce them to new foods, all whilst having the fun of a picnic. Lay out blankets and cushions so that they can be comfortable and put together boards or plates with different pastries, breads, cereals, yoghurts, fruit and condiments, such as organic honey and jams. This lets children snack and nibble on different foods and is a great way to start the day whilst lounging in their pyjamas.


Dessert Party

We all need a little treat every now and then, kids especially so after the year they’ve had, so why not put together a dessert picnic party for after dinner one evening. This indoor picnic idea combines everything that kids love about picnics with sweet treats, all whilst being indoors. You could make some mini milkshakes in retro glass milk bottles, with fun stripy straws, get plain fairy cupcakes and a selection of icing, sweets and sprinkles and let them decorate their own, or even have crepes or pancakes which they can top with fresh fruit, syrups, sauces or sweets. 


Themed Fun

If the summer holidays have exhausted all your plans with a few weeks left to go, why not have a fun themed picnic? Think pirate or jungle themed, where you can create fun snacks with that theme in mind, dress up, decorate and just have fun! When it comes to indoor picnic ideas, it’s all about making the most of what you have already, but sometimes it’s fun to go all out and make something extra memorable.