How To Make A Crispy Fry Mix

Crispy fry mix is used as a coating for many different foods as a way of adding flavour and texture when cooking. Here at Regal Foods, we have a selection of crispy fry mixes that can be used to elevate your cooking and recipes, as well as create a delicious crispy exterior. Whether you’re cooking chicken, fish, vegetables or meat alternatives, our crispy fry mixes give foods the flavour they deserve. 

But, when it comes to making a crispy fry mix, there are some tips and techniques that you can follow to ensure a delicious, crispy batter. Let’s take a look at how best to use our Regal Foods crispy fry mix!


What Can I Make With The Crispy Fry Mix?

With our Regal Foods crispy fry mix, you can make delicious, crispy fried foods or simply use to season and create a flavourful coating on the outside of foods. To use with chicken, you can either apply the fry mix directly to the meat and then cook in a pan, under the grill or in the oven or create a batter which is then deep-fried. You can use the same process for foods such as fish, vegetables, tofu or plant-based meat alternatives. 

When it comes to recipe ideas, with our delicious and well-seasoned Fish Masala spice crispy fry mix, you can add a twist to any fried fish dish. There’s nothing better than a delicious spiced chicken on a salad, in a wrap or enjoyed as part of a summer’s BBQ and our Hot & Spicy crispy fry mix is a must-have to transform bland chicken. 


Do I Need To Add Anything To The Crispy Fry Mix?

If you are using our crispy fry mix on its own to season and flavour foods, then you don’t need to add anything before using, simply apply as you would any other dried rub or seasoning. If you are making a batter using our crispy fry mix, then there are a few other ingredients you need to use. Prepare the chicken or food of your choice and then dip into either beaten egg or milk to give the crispy fry mix something to stick to, as this makes the batter go extra crispy and delicious! 


How Do I Fry Using The Crispy Fry Mix?

If you are using our Regal Foods crispy fry mix to fry foods, then you might have some questions about the best method to do so. When frying food, whether you are deep or shallow frying, then choosing the right oil and pan will make it easier and give you better, and tastier, results. 

When deep-frying, it’s important to use a heat-stable oil, such as vegetable oil, that creates a high smoke point. A heat-stable oil creates a more even cook and colour to what you are frying, but it also undergoes three different chemical changes that help to cook the food. When frying, you should look to have a temperature of between 160ºc and 190ºc, as this creates the perfect crispy outside and thoroughly cooked centre. 

Using our crispy fry mix when frying foods contributes to the natural frying process. When frying foods, during the very first moments, the surface of the food you are frying quickly dehydrates, which then creates the deliciously crispy crust that everyone loves about fried food. Our crispy fry mix helps this to happen, whilst also delicately flavouring your foods. Once your food is a deep golden colour and cooked all the way through, then it is ready to eat! For most foods, this takes around 5 minutes, but be sure to check that all food is thoroughly cooked before consuming. 

There are many different ways in which you can use our crispy fry mix, as well as other recipe ideas and cooking techniques, and we’ve got some great ideas over on our News and Blog page