Make Your Own: Afternoon Tea Hamper Ideas

Whether it is afternoon tea or a mid-morning break you are looking for, we have the perfect selection of Regal products available online to make your own afternoon tea hamper. Including a fine selection of teas, cakes, rusks, and cookies, there really is the option to get creative and make up your own afternoon tea hamper bursting with many goodies.

Afternoon tea hampers make great gifts, if not the perfect gift, to share with family and friends. No matter the occasion, afternoon tea hampers cover all bases, from birthdays to seasonal celebrations, to gifts to send to that special person just because. 

When it comes to afternoon tea hamper ideas, here at Regal Foods it is super easy and simple to make that perfect gift – put together your bustling box of goodies online, check out and send them on their way. With this in mind, here are some afternoon tea hamper ideas so that you can create your own!


The Birth Of Afternoon Tea

It all started in the 1800’s when Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford who, at the time was a close friend of Queen Victoria and a prominent figure within London society, complained of “having that sinking feeling” during the late afternoon. She wanted something small to satisfy her hunger, nothing too large, just something to see her through till dinner time.

From this want, the afternoon tea ritual was born!


The Tea Hamper

We all know that special someone who loves to take it easy whilst sipping tea out of their favourite china. Whether this is refreshing green tea or a traditional Kashmiri Chai, we have a wide range of teas to kick off your hamper – 16 to be exact! 


When it comes to getting afternoon tea hamper ideas, there is no better place to start than with tea, which you can then pair with delicious sweet treats and cakes. Afternoon hampers can be as busy or as simple as you like and pairing one or two of our Cake Rusk varieties with a collection of chosen teas is not only affordable but selective and stylish.


The Bakers Shop Hamper

Imagine a table full of delicious bakery goodies laid out on plates, Fairy Buns stacked high on a tier, side plates overflowing with biscuits. Well, this can be replicated into one brilliant afternoon tea hamper – a bakers shop hamper. This afternoon tea hamper idea will certainly get those creative juices flowing. From Angel Slices, Sliced Madeira, and Puff Pasty Fingers, through to light Cream Rolls and handmade biscuits, this selection is guaranteed to impress and make that person feel extra special.


The Snacking Hamper

Afternoon tea hamper ideas do not have to be all about fancy sandwiches and cakes. It can be about deliciously crunchy snacks too! Why not put together a selection of traditional savoury nibbles and snacks? After all, there’s nothing like delving into a big bag of Bombay Mix or light and fluffy Sweet Popcorn. Give it a try and give your afternoon tea hamper a real Regal twist.