Regal Hot & Spicy Homemade Chicken Nuggets!

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Bring home the taste Real with this deliciously crispy, hot and spicy homemade chicken nugget recipe!

• 1kg chicken mince/diced boneless chicken⠀
• Regal Lemon Pepper/Hot and Spicy Fry Mix⠀
• 1 1/2 tbsp of baking powder⠀
• 1/4 cup of cornflour⠀
• 2 eggs⠀
• Frying oil e.g. Sunflower or Vegetable Oil⠀
• Regal sauces: Garlic Mayo, Vaghar Sauce, Curry Sauce and Burger Sauce

1. Whisk together 1 cup of the fry mix of your choice, with baking powder and cornflour. If using the hot and spicy mix, add a touch of Kashmiri chilli powder

2. Whisk in cold water/milk until it forms a smooth batter. Whisk in 2 eggs and your batter is complete! ⠀

3. Blend 1kg of chopped chicken breasts with 2 tbsp of fry mix! Blending creates a finer mince which is ideal for the texture of the nuggets! ⠀

4. In a large pan heat up some cooking oil

5. Wet your hands and form small balls of the chicken mixture in your hand, flatten them and shape them into nuggets. Try to keep them as thin as possible! Dip them in the batter and let the excess mixture run through your fingers. ⠀

6. Add the nuggets to the oil and let them fry. If you notice they sink to the bottom, just nudge them slightly with a wooden spoon until they float and brown evenly. If you notice they are colouring too quickly, turn the heat down slightly and make sure they cook evenly throughout.

Once fully cooked in the centre remove and allow the excess oil to drain.⠀

Serve them up with some fries, in a wrap, or on their own with some of our delicious sauces!