The most dunkable biscuits of all time

International Tea Day is upon us, and it’s the perfect opportunity to settle the age-old question—which biscuit dunks best in tea? We’ve taken a closer look at the Regal range to settle this vital issue.

What’s International Tea Day?

Taking place each year on the 15th of December, it’s an international initiative launched back in 2005. It takes the form of a joint enterprise between trade unions, small tea growers and civil society organisations across both Asia and Africa. The primary goal of the event is to encourage living wages for workers, as well as fair prices for small tea producers.

The dunking biscuits and cake rusk research table

Since it’s International Tea Day, multiple cups of tea (and multiple biscuits) are called for. We’ve taken the chance to see how long we can dunk our Regal biscuits in tea before they break apart. All of them are delicious, of course, but some may be better dunkers than others. Because we enjoyed dunking them, we also decided to compare how the same biscuits faired when dunked in coffee. It’s tea vs. coffee time. 

1. Regal Sprits

Regal Sprits Dunking Challenge


These crunchy cookie rings aren’t just baked to perfection; they’re a great companion to tea or coffee. They’re also pretty sturdy as a biscuit, so hopefully they’ll be good dunkers as well.


Tea Dunking Time: 32 Seconds
Coffee Dunking Time: 37 Seconds

2. Regal Almond Cookies

Regal Almond Cookies Dunking Challenge


Another crunchy biscuit, these egg-free biscuits have a delicate almond flavour. We like to think they’re a pretty robust biscuit, though of course the proof is in the dunking.


Tea Dunking Time: 72 Seconds
Coffee Dunking Time: 90 Seconds

3. Nan Khatie Cookies

Regal Nan Khatie Cookies Dunking Challenge


With a light texture similar to shortbread, these egg-free cookies are a wonderful treat. We’re expecting that we’ll need to be quick on the draw when it comes to dunking, though. 


Tea Dunking Time: 70 Seconds
Coffee Dunking Time: 58 Seconds

4. Original Cake Rusks

Regal Original Cake Rusks Dunking Challenge


Our double-baked cake rusks are each baked to a special recipe, giving each one an authentic taste. Surely these are the dunking kings…


Tea Dunking Time: 40 Seconds
Coffee Dunking Time 46 Seconds

The may not dunk for the longest amount of time, but our Original Cake Rusks taste brilliant with BOTH tea and coffee. 

5. Crunchy Tea Rusk

Regal Crunchy Tea Rusks Dunking Challenge


Our premium quality crunchy teas rusks are the perfect companion to any hot drink. We think they’ll give our other biscuit contestants a run for their money…


Tea Dunking Time: 186 Seconds
Coffee Dunking Time: 87 Seconds

6. Pistachio Cookies

Regal Pistachio Cookies Dunking Challenge


These soft, egg-free biscuits have a slight crunch and a delightful pistachio flavour. How well will they fare in our dunk-off?


Tea Dunking Time: 48 Seconds
Coffee Dunking Time: 54 Seconds

The fastest biscuit dunkers

Regal Sprits are the fastest biscuit dunkers in tea and coffee with just 32 seconds of dunking time.

But the Regal Original Cake Rusks are close behind with just 40 seconds needed before the ideal dunk is all over.  

The longest biscuit dunkers 

Of the biscuits we tested the clear tea winner when it comes to who can be dunked the longest is Crunchy Tea Rusks. The coffee dunking champions are Handmade Almond Cookies!

We hope our little biscuit dunking research has inspired you to mix things up during your next biscuit dunking session.

Favourite flavour combos

Some tea and biscuit combos are just made for each other. We’ve brought together the perfect pairings below.

English breakfast tea/classic black tea and Zeera Cookies

The crunchy texture and sweet cumin flavours of our zeera cookies are an excellent companion to the classic tea flavours.

Hot Kashmiri Pink Chai Tea and Original Cake Rusk

Pink chai’s aromatic flavours make it a great complement to the subtler flavours of our original cake rusks.

Pumpkin spiced black tea and Almond Cake Rusk

Mix the autumnal flavours of pumpkin spice with the rich taste of our Almond Cake Rusk! The result is an amazing combination of flavours.

Rooibos Tea and Nan Khatie

The strong, malty flavours Rooibos (or red bush) tea are a comforting companion to Nan Khatie and its shortbread-like texture.

Did you enjoy our International Tea Day investigations?

(We really did)

Whatever you like best, Regal’s biscuit selection offers something for every taste!

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Enjoy your own biscuit dunking!