Top 6 Truly Regal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to appreciate one of the most important people in your life. What better way to do that than with a thoughtful gift?

We’ve put together this list of some fantastic Mother’s Day gift ideas. We’ve also taken a look at how people from around the world celebrate this special occasion.


Mother’s Day Around the World

We all know that Mother’s Day is a chance to pay tribute to our beloved mums. Several different countries celebrate it, though in the UK the exact date jumps about a bit. This is because we tie it to Easter, which is in turn tied to the movement of the moon. In 2020, the UK celebrates Mother’s Day on the 22nd of March.

For other countries, Mother’s Day always falls on the second Sunday of May, and each one approaches it a little differently. Over in France, Mother’s Day only became an official date in 1950! That didn’t bother the French, though, who’d celebrated it long before this happened.

spoons with spices

Other countries have their own Mother’s Day traditions. In Ethiopia, Mother’s Day is a three-day feast that brings families together. Children have an important part to play; they bring ingredients for a traditional hash recipe. While girls bring cheese, butter, vegetables and spices, boys bring meat—either lamb or beef. In Bangladesh, mothers receive gifts in recognition of their contributions, whether this is to their family, society or the nation as a whole.

Over in the Punjab Hindus celebrate a similar festival called Durga Puja, which honours the goddess of mothers. Stretching over ten days, people take the chance to visit mothers they know amongst both friends and family. They also bring along home-cooked foods to enjoy.

However you celebrate Mother’s Day, our new Mother’s Day gifts are the perfect way to honour mothers around the world.


1. Introducing Regal’s Mother’s Day Gift Box


At Regal, we believe all mums are ‘second to naan’! (You can probably tell we like a pun or two.) These Mother’s Day food gifts are both quirky and tasty; for just £10.99, you can delight your mother with our Regal Mother’s Day Gift Box. 

Our Mother’s Day gift boxes come in two different versions. Our sweet gift boxes include cake rusks, baqar khani and fairy cakes, while our savoury gift boxes include naan breads and a selection of condiments. Head over to our Gift Boxes page to see the full selection.


2. Say it the Regal Way | New Mother’s Day Cards

Each Mother’s Day gift box comes with one of our brand new Regal Mother’s Day cards. Available in several varieties, these cards are sure to give your family a giggle thanks to their sparkling wit and heartfelt messages. You can also buy these cards on their own, or combine them with any of our other Regal products.

With our gifts and cards in the same place, it’s never been easier to get Mother’s Day sorted. We’ve also got next-day delivery options if you’re pressed for time when buying Mother’s Day gifts online!

See all our celebration cards here.


3. Mother’s Day Recipes

Give your Mother’s Day a personal touch with the help of these special recipes. Each one uses our fantastic Regal products to make them as tasty as possible.

Peri Peri Sauce

Our Peri Peri Sauce is a great way to create a fantastic dish for Mum. Give these peri peri chicken mozzarella stack with ‘macho’ peas a try. You can make it with halal mozzarella if needs be. Find our Peri Peri Sauce on this page.

Sweet Popcorn Cake

Sweet popcorn cake is a very popular idea, with lots of different recipes to choose from. Salted caramel is something of a favourite right now; take a look at this lovely chocolate and salted caramel popcorn cake recipe if you’d like to give it a try.

Don’t fancy baking? This no-bake popcorn cake recipe is another solid option. This sticky, gooey recipe is excellent for children, and gives them a chance to be really creative. Try adding chocolate or gelatin-free marshmallows to mix it up a bit.

You can find all the sweet popcorn you need (as well as salted or mixed varieties) in our Snacks section.

4. The Love Box

The perfect duo is back by popular demand! The perfect way to say “I love you” on Mother’s Day is with our tasty Cake Rusk and Pink Chai, which we’ve combined into one thoughtful gift, known as The Love Box. It’s also a great incentive to have a catch-up with Mum over afternoon tea.

5. Homemade Plant Pot

Flowers are a Mother’s Day favourite, but having a few plants around the house is a great way to brighten things up. Why not present your mum with a hand-painted plant pot? Use her favourite colours to really make an impact.

If your mum isn’t really into plants, why not fill the pot with some of our snacks and biscuits instead? While you’re chewing this over, check out our Snacks and Biscuits pages for some inspiration.

If you want an alternative to Mother’s Day food gifts, you could always turn the plant pot into an activity pot! Write down ideas for activities you think your mum would enjoy—watch a movie, go for a walk, make a time capsule—fold them up and fill the pot with them. They’re a great way of ensuring you spend time together in an entertaining way.

6. A Classic Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Regal’s Classics Sharing Box is the ultimate nostalgic gift for any mother. Remind them of all their family favourites with a fantastic collection of treats, snacks and much more. By purchasing these products as a gift box for £9.99, you can make a 25% saving on the combined price. Don’t forget about our next-day delivery options, either!

Mum’s the Word

However you celebrate Mother’s Day we hope you (and your mums) have a fantastic time.

We’ve got plenty of different Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to choose from; don’t forget you can choose whichever Regal product you like and pair it with one of our Mother’s Day cards for a highly personal gift. Make sure you check out our complete selection of Mother’s Day products and gift boxes for inspiration.

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