What Is The Best Honey For Cooking and Baking?

When it comes to buying the best honey for cooking and baking, there is always little variation in glass bottles or jars of varietal honey, even when they come from the same producer, but the colour, aroma and taste will be predictable. Several bottles of Manuka or blueberry honey bottled by the same beekeeper will be virtually identical. This is not the case with wildflower honey, however.


What is honey?

Honey is made by bees from the nectar they collect from flowers. Viscous and fragrant, it’s a natural sweetener and can be used just as it is to spread on bread or toast, or added to sweet and savoury dishes.

The flavour, colour and consistency vary, depending on the flower(s) the nectar was collected from and the production method used – as a general rule, the darker the colour, the stronger the flavour.

Honey is available clear and runny, thick and opaque, in a honeycomb or as a chunk of cut honeycomb suspended in runny honey.


How to prepare honey

Honey doesn’t need any preparation. If clear honey becomes cloudy (as a result of the natural process of crystallisation) just stand the jar in a bowl of very hot water for 15 minutes or so, or give it a blast in the microwave (with the lid removed, if it’s made of metal) for around 30 seconds.


How to store honey

You can store honey in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dark place for up to a year. Comb and cut comb honey will last for around six months.


Why is Wildflower Honey The Best Honey For Cooking and Baking?

Many chefs, cooks and bakers are now learning the wonderful benefits of cooking and baking with wildflower honey. Not only does it add complexity to the flavour of the dish you are making, but your family and guests will absolutely enjoy the delicious mouth-watering taste.

Wildflower honey is the best honey for cooking and baking because of its floral flavours. Your home-baked treats will taste like you have the goodness of wildflowers in every bite. So wildflower honey is not only a wonderful antioxidant, but it adds another layer of flavour to your baked goods as well.

Wildflower honey is more beneficial than regular processed sugar and when you use wildflower honey for baking, it makes your cake or pastry moister. It also extends the life of your baked goods as the moisture allows them to not become stale easily.

Wildflower is one of the most popular varieties of raw honey and is the best honey for cooking and baking. You can order wildflower honey here at Regal, so you can start using this wonderful ingredient for your salad dressings, meat marinades and other home-produced sauces right away!