Winter Warmers – Top 5 Highlights, Recipes & Combinations

Brrr winter is finally here! It’s time to get cosy and enjoy our top 5 winter warmers.

We have picked out highlights, recipes and combinations that are sure to see you through the cold chilly mornings, afternoons, and evenings.



#1 – Cake Rusk & Chai – The Perfect Combination

Our original cake rusk and chai is the number 1 combination, making the perfect afternoon snack. Our crunchy, double-baked cake bar with a crisp taste, goes hand in hand with chai and is suitable for both morning and evening snacking. Not forgetting that the delicious rusk is ideal for dunking!



#2 – Home Cooked Juicy Lamb Chops Recipe

It is easy as 1 2 3 and guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face this winter. Here we have at number 2, juicy Lamb Chops!

1kg lamb chops

Steak & Chops Marinade
1tsp salt
1tsp chilli flakes
1tsp coriander powder

Simply cook the chops for around 20 mins on a medium/low heat, when ready garnish with herbs for added flavour.



#3 – No food is complete without it! Kebab House Chilli Sauce – Its a must have!

Add a real kick to your meals this winter with one of our most delightful kebab sauces – everyone loves it. Its strong chilli flavour makes it a must-have for spice fans; pair it with any home cooked food and it’s sure to warm you through and through.



#4 – Popcorn – Creating a winter, home cinema experience

One thing we all love about winter is having the time to sit down in front of tv, put on a movie, and indulge with bowls full of snack. Light, sweet, and salted, our popcorn is sure to create the experience cinema in the comfort of your home.



#5 – Naan Bread – Big, round, and full of flavour

Coming in at number 5 is our big naan bread range, no winter meal is complete without it, our plain or big garlic naan bread. They are perfect for tearing and dipping as well as adding ingredients to the top of the bread and popping in the oven creating a delicious pizza style bread.